Compare Chinese SCM440 steel and Korean SCM440

On the market today appears SCM440 steel of Korean and Chinese origin. So customers often compare Chinese SCM440 steel and Korean SCM440.

Previously in the manufacturing process, manufacturers used carbon steel as the main material. However, in the process of using this steel line appears many disadvantages based on the carbon content in steel:
- The higher the carbon content is, the harder the steel billet is, the more it breaks.
- Low carbon content is easy to shape but does not guarantee hardness.
To overcome the above characteristics, the steel manufacturers have added chromium to the chemical composition of this carbon steel line to help the embryo improve hardness without breaking easily. On that basis, the line of alloy steel was created as a perfect product to overcome these disadvantages.
Alloy steel includes all kinds of steel: SCM440, SCM420, SCR440, SCR420, ... and one of the most typical names in the alloy steel line is SCM440 steel. SCM440 steel is a steel line with a combination of chromium - molybdenum which is suitable for use as machine parts subjected to load, impact and abrasion.

                                              SCM440 HyunDai Steel - South Korea
On the market today, the SCM440 steel series is sold with different origins. But the majority is still SCM440 steel made in Korea and China. So there are no differences between the two countries and customers are so confused. Let's compare China SCM440 steel and Korean SCM440.
1. Application of SCM440 steel
With the combination of chromium - molybdenum, the two main components that create durability and abrasion resistance during use, SCM440 steel is often used in mold manufacturing and mechanical processing industry such as:
- Suitable for machine parts bearing large loads, high abrasion and impact such as gears, transmission shaft of the engine, screws, bolts.
- In addition, steel is commonly used in the manufacture of motor vehicles, motor vehicles and industrial machine parts.
- Steel is also suitable for making mold steel (rice husk molds, plastic injection molds), electronic components.
- Anchor bolts for telecommunication broadcasting stations.
- Operating shafts in sugarcane crushing plants of sugar production plants.
- Rolling shafts and pinions in a system of steel rolling mills.
2. Compare Chinese SCM440 steel and Korean SCM440
a. Standard of SCM440 steel
- Korea: Manufactured in accordance with JIS 4052.
- China: Manufactured according to the standard GB / T 3077.
b. About steel grade
- Korean steel: SCM440
- Chinese SCM440 steel: 40CrMo
c. Chemical composition

Main composition






0,38 ~ 0,44

0,55 ~ 0,95

0,85 ~ 1,25

0,15 ~ 0,35


0,37 ~ 0,43

0,5 ~ 0,8

0,9 ~ 1,2

0,15 ~ 0,25

d. Tensile
- SCM440 steel label tensile strength is 655 Mpa according to Korean JIS 4052 standard.
- Tensile strength of steel grade 40CrMo is 1080 Mpa of GB / T 3077 standard of China.
e. Elongation
- 25.7% for steel SCM440 JIS 4052 Korean standard.
- 12% for Chinese standard GB / T 3077 SCM440 steel.
Depending on the application of SCM440 steel, customers want to choose the origin of goods in accordance with their requirements. However, for the purpose of long-term use, saving costs and processing time, we always recommend our customers to choose SCM440 Korean steel line because of its long-term reputation and quality.
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