Round Steel SCM440H (30*1000*5pcs)

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Specifications of SCM440H round steel:

- Diameter: 30 mm.

- Length: 1000 mm.

- Quantity: 05 pcs.

1. Overview of the product

SCM440H round steel is a steel grade produced according to JIS 4052 standards. This product is equivalent to:

- Steel grade PDS3 + Hardness manufactured by Nippon according to Japanese JIS standards;

- Grade 4140 + Hardness steel is manufactured according to American AISI standards;

- Grade 7225 + Hardness steel is manufactured according to DIN standards of Germany.

SCM440H Round Steel (30*1000*5pcs)

SCM440H Round Steel (30*1000*5pcs)

2. SCM440H round steel chemical composition

SCM440H steel in round shape has the following basic chemical components:

- Carbon content accounts for about 0.37% - 0.44%. Carbon determines SCM440H steel hardness;

- Chromium content accounts for about 0.85% - 1.25%. Chromium increases synthesis properties, it also works to improve durability at high temperatures;

- Molipden content accounts for about 0.15% - 0.35%. Molipden increases localized hole wear resistance and wear cracks better;

- Silicon content accounts for about 0.15% - 0.35%. Silicon helps to improve the durability and hardness of SCM440H;

- Manganese content accounts for about 0.55% - 0.95%. Manganese works to mitigate the effects of sulfur;

- Phosphorus content accounts for about <= 0.03%;

- Sulfur content accounts for about <= 0.03%;

- Copper content accounts for about 0.3%. Copper has the effect of increasing the welding ability for steel SCM440H.

- The nickel content accounts for about 0.25%. Nickel works to increase shine and wear resistance.

3. SCM440H round steel characteristics

With the above chemical composition, this product has the following characteristics:

- Hardness available from 25 HRC - 35 HRC

- Good resistance to deformation;

- Good cutting processing;

- Hardness uniformity of all sizes;

- Easy machining with EDM;

- Hardness after heat treatment from 50 HRC - 55 HRC.

4. Typical applications

With the above specifications and specifications, SCM440H round steel can be applied as:

- Anchor bolts;

- Accessories;

- Machine details;

- Section clamping the furnace head;

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