Steel used in manufacturing medical masks

Medical mask is widely known item that help protect human health. Especially at the time of COVID-19 epidemic season, medical masks are becoming more important than ever.

To produce medical masks, it is necessary to go through many different stages from manufacturing machines, assembling machine parts into chains to produce masks. Let's find out about the processes and the kinds of steel used in the machine for manufacturing medical masks

1. Basic structure of medical masks

Currently on the market there are many different types of masks such as: 3D masks, antibacterial medical masks 3 to 5 layers, black masks, activated carbon masks, ...

Their basic structure consists of: 01 layer of waterproof non-woven fabrics on the outside, antibacterial filter cloth (from 1-2 layers), 01 layer of activated carbon cloth (if any) and the innermost layer is 01 layer Other nonwoven fabrics which have a hygroscopic property that helps prevent bacteria or saliva from flying out into the environment.

2. Process of manufacturing medical masks

Rolls of fabric are fitted to the axes at the inlet of the production line. From, the layers of material will be pulled through the steps of the line in turn to shape the size of the mask.

Steels used in manufacturing medical masks

Next, the material will go through 01 parts to help fold the mask to reduce the size when not in use and pull out to cover the user's face.

After that, the masks will be attached to the nose bar and sew on the border of the mask. By that time, the cutting system is ready to cut each mask in accordance with the original designed size.

Here, the cutting will take place continuously with high speed (From 100 pieces / minute to 120 pieces / minute) and the material is very soft and thin, so the knife set must be sharp, not worn out quickly.

The newly cut masks will be put on the conveyor belt to the sewing stitches. Sewing system (Stamping, ultrasonic welding) is used to seal the border of the mask and the strap. The completed masks will be checked for quantity and transferred to other packaging stages.

3. Steels used in machines for manufacturing medical masks

The machine parts in the mask production line are required to not rust or at least be highly capable of preventing rust. In addition, the machine has a relatively large size so the body is made of stainless steel and aluminum in order to reduce the volume, beautiful appearance, stainless, durable.

Besides, the important parts such as rollers, cutting knives, dies of automatic mask making machines require hardness and abrasion resistance, so they must be made of steel instead of aluminum or stainless steel.

Therefore, the commonly used steels include: Steel SKD11, SCM440H, SUS420J2 / 2083,... They will also be plated to increase rust resistance for details.

The above is a rough description of the structure of a medical mask, how to create a common mask and the types of steel used in mask manufacturing machines. Hopefully this article will bring readers useful information and an overview of the production of medical masks.

In the next topics, we will learn more about the specific application of the steel mentioned above. Until next time.

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