SKD11 steel in making medial face mask

In the previous topic, we have learned about the basic operation process and the steels used in the mask production line. Accordingly, there are many parts machined and assembled from many different steel materials.

Apart from roller, SKD11 steel is also used as a medical mask cutter. Let's find out how this cutting blade is made with.

1. The mask cutter

The cutter is a detachable part that cuts the product according to a programmed size. Depending on the machine structure, there are many different types of cutters. In the medical mask manufacturing machine, there are usually 2 main types of knives:

Long knives with a rectangular plate. This type of knife has the same structure and working principle as the Corrugated knife.
The difference is how the assembly is: The knife will be fixed on one end and cannot be removed during operation, and the other end of the knife will move up and down vertically to create a force to cut off the mask. .

The circular knife with a fairly simple structure: 1 cutting blade is perpendicular to the guide conveyor of the medical mask production line and is attached to the circular roller through the link nut Destination removable when needed.
When operating, the roller attached to the blade will rotate at high speed to create a force to cut the mask according to the standard size. Most devices on the market for making masks use circular knives because of their fast cutting speed, increasing machine productivity.

Apart from medical masks, the production lines of other masks such as 3D, 3M, ... also have circular cutting knives but they come in different shape and design. Because the shape of these masks is different from normal medical masks, it is not possible to use straight cutting blades instead, the blades will be CNC machined on the shaft instead of the removable knife.

2. Why use SKD11 steel for medical face masks?

Speaking of SKD11, perhaps it was no stranger to mechanics. This type of steel has high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high rigidity and plasticity, so SKD11 steel is very suitable for cutting knives, rolling shafts, corrugated knives, ...

The same goes for mask knives. The cutting material is very soft and the machine always runs with a high level from 100 products / minute to 120 products / minute

SKD11 solid steel as a mask cutting knife

Therefore, the use of SKD11 steel will save processing costs many times and the cost of material acquisition by minimizing the incidents mentioned above.

In addition to the above outstanding advantages, SKD11 is a steel with a very high chromium content so the ability to limit rust is better than other common carbon steels. Besides, the steel grades S45C, S50C, S55C do not have the durability and good abrasion resistance as SKD11.

Above is the reason why most knives in general and surgical masks in particular are used SKD11 steel. Hopefully this article will help you in choosing the right steel grade for your mask making application. See you next time.

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